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Privacy Policy

While you browse the site, some cookies are set for the purpose of providing you with the functionality of this application. These cookies are strictly required for the site to work, and there is no advertising. You may be able to block cookies in your browser (instructions are specific to your browser and not within the scope of this document). If you block these cookies, some or all functionality of the site may not work correctly. By continuing to access this site, you imply that you have agreed to accept these essential cookies.

If you sign up for an account, you are asked to supply an email and your name if desired. You are not required to provide your real name, but you must supply a valid email address in order to be able to perform page edits. This email is not shared with any third-parties other than those who may be required from time to time to perform maintenance or development on this site. That is, software developers/system administrators may be able to see your username, real name and email during the course of performing their duties. Again, we do not utilise this information for any kind of advertising. We aim to collect only what is necessary to provide this service. Email addresses are required so that it is easier for a small team to deal with potential vandalism (by restricting rogue users via their email).

During the course of usage of the website, your IP address and your interaction with this site may be logged temporarily for the purpose of usage forecasting and capacity planning -- this is standard practice for web servers. These logs are typically kept for 30 days.